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In the coming years, there is a significant surge in infrastructure development in our country, with an increasing number of stakeholders involved beyond the public sector. This encompasses investments in various infrastructure elements such as roads, city lines, power plants, bridge structures, airports, and telecommunications. Additionally, there is a focus on essential community buildings, including hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and more.

The construction of infrastructure stands as a pronounced objective for the Icelandic government, a commitment that ARCUR wholeheartedly embraces. We aim to play an active role in this transformative journey. A recent report from the Swedish Industry Association estimates the cumulative need for infrastructure at 14% of GDP, or just over 400 billion ISK. The 2020-2034 transport plan outlines opportunities for financing transport infrastructure through collaborative projects or the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) route. This involves cooperation between public and private entities in financing, construction, and maintenance of specific highway sections.  See further

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